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Now released: the papers from SiAA 2018
Once again, the conference great resouces for safety empowerment. With speakers from across Africa and the rest of the world, the program was designed to equip you with the latest skills, tools, technology and best practices. 

Presentations from the 2018 edition of SiAA
Griffin, Martin – (Belgium/AviAssist) Certification of Air Navigation Service Providers

Tonkin, Keith – Aviation Projects (Australia)- Managing Operational risk at airports

Lely, Erik – Notechs (Netherland) – Mental health in aviation

Odonde, Tony – Emirates Airlines (UAE) – Callsign confusion

Wilbrink, Jos – Netherlands – State Safety Programs & working with the industry

Adegbe, Victoria – Nigeria – Raising the bar in aircraft dispatching

Boardman, Andrew – United Kingdom – Flight data processing for Cessna Caravans

Carous, Philippe – Belgium – Introduction to air law

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The 2018 Conference Agenda Development Committee (CADC) helped guide all content development and included:
– Adrian Young, Senior consultant, To70 aviation consultants – the Netherlands – Chair
– Tanya Eddowes, Emirates Airlines Safety Promotions & Training Manager
– Jo Gillespie, director Gates Aviation
– Jos Wilbrink, Manager Aviation Safety, Ministry of Infrastructure, the Netherlands
– Martina Langa, Manager Business Development (SADC), ATNS, South Africa
– Hellen Ndichu, safety manager Rwandair
– Capt. Joseph Ndayishimye, Akagera Aviation, Rwanda
– Geraud de Rivals – Mazeres, Regional Flight Safety Director, ATR Aircraft
– Daniel Wanjala, aviation safety officer, MONUSCO (UN) – Uganda

Presentations from the 2016 edition of SiAA

Kok, Tom – Safety training outside the box
Howard, Richard – Crew Resource Management (CRM) and culturally specific behaviours
Smeitink, Jan, – The Anatomy of Incident Investigation
Somer, Rob – Safety performance & helicopter operations in Africa
Rivals de Mazere, Geraud – ATR Performance Based Navigation for Regional Operations
Ndichu, Hellen (Rwandair) – Organizational growth and safety
Jesse, Dave (Flight Data Services) – Flight Data Analysis & IATA’s FDX Program
(Click here for more general information about Flight Data Analysis & case studies)
Knechtli, Simon – Demonstrating operational safety excellence to your insurance
Smeitink, Jan – Accident investigation & legal proceedings

Want to see what you missed last year? Take a look at our video of a previous edition by clicking here.

Presentations from the 2015 edition

Bruggeling, Jaco (Capt) – KLM & Aeronautical Information Services Africa – Capt. Jaco Bruggeling SiAA 2015
Griffin, Martin – Occurrence Reporting in Air Navigation Service Providers
Jesse, Dave (CEO) – Flight Data Management – Data Sharing by Flight Data Services SiAA 2015
Knechtli, Simon (Willis Insurance) – Aviation insurance & Africa
Kok, Tom – African aviation safety: Where do we go from here?
Maat, Hans van der – Rules to safely fly lithium battery shipments – by Special Cargo Services (SCS)
Lithium batteries video – for cargo & ramp personnel from the UK CAA & US FAA
Lithium batteries video – for crew members from the UK CAA & US FAA
Ndikumana, Arthemon – ICAO Presentation on Runway Safety
Ndichu, Helen & Kamikazi, Sonia – Rwandair presentation on National Regulations & IOSA – working complementary?